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Monthly Archives: February 2009




Suspended Stairs.  Absurdly denying gravity.

This project is based on the warping of the traditional concrete floor slab.  Very difficult to realize technically, as large compressive forces are created.

SANAA maquette OK.indd

This house was designed by Robert Bruno, who is a steel sculptor, and is located near Lubbock Texas. robert-bruno

The site selected is on the east side of 1st street south of San Fernando. It is a portion of the T-shaped parking lot and comprises 20,000 square feet in area.

sanjosesite011 DARE by Gorillaz

DJ Shadow Organ Donor OR any top MUSE songs are nice I’m trying to post songs that you haven’t heard of, because if you like mainstream songs, you already listen to them while you do your projects.


Two articles in February 2009 Architect magazine discussing 1) what its like being laid off and 2) that firms are reducing their fees to survive.  The cover of the magazine shows a 2003 Cal Poly graduate who was recently laid off.

An exciting new material developed by a researcher at a Texas university.   Not yet on the market as far as  I know.