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When I encountered this design by Diller and Scofidio, called BLUR,  my impression was that although interesting on a certain level, it was also trite.   It seemed to be too obvious a statement – to say that boundaries are blurring in contemporary society, certainly true, and to then represent it literally in a building that manifests itself as a literal cloud, produced by fog machines.  

Terence Riley, in the architectural exhibit LIGHT CONSTRUCTION discusses a new transparency that goes beyond the modernist interest in using glass to bring light and air into the building.  Riley introduces the symbol of the CLOUD, and has identified this metaphor in the works of Rem Koolhaas, Toyo Ito, and Jean Nouvel.


Riley:  “Brunelleschi perceived an unbridgeable gap between the measurable and immeasurable.  Similarly Leonardo indentified two types of visible bodies, one being without shape, and the other whose shape is defined by the contours of its surface.  Leonardo’s distinction is essentially false, however, determined by the inability of Renaissance mathematics to define complex surfaces.  Fractal geometry has shown that there is no fundamental difference between (Brunelleschi’s) baptistry and the cloud, only a difference in the manner of calculating their physical characteristics.”


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