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This skyscraper is set to finish in 2016 — only one image is available so far. The tectonics used in this project are very interesting to counter the wind loads, in addition to gravity. The use of ailerons (the horizontal air flaps on air planes) used vertically reminds me of Le Corbusier’s machine aesthetic.

I am also curious to see how the support structure will hold the building up.

Another question: Structural engineering feat? –yes, but would you consider this architecture?

(added by cbc – The cost is $7.87 billion).   



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  1. The definition of ‘architecture’ is not completely fixed. It is variable, and conditioned. Sounds vague doesn’t it? For me,
    the goal of building “the world’s tallest building” is vulgar and there is a built-in problem. Someone will come along in a couple of years and build a higher one. Quality is more important then Quantity.

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