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Architect Shigeru Ban works with an interesting material.  It’s paper,  certainly not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about building materials.  It’s comparatively weak to modern building materials, it’s not fireproof, and certainly not waterproof, so why? It’s cheap, easy to build, produces little to no waste and is easily accessible, reasons Shigeru Ban.

Paper Tea House

Japan Pavilion


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  1. Shigeru Ban is a graduate of Cooper Union. I think I
    remember him as we were there around the same time. I saw a monograph of his works at a bookstore in San Francisco yesterday. To me, its wonderful that he has really taken the approach taught at Cooper in the FIRST and SECOND year and applied it to real projects.

    What is the difference between paper and wood? I suspect there is a blurring of categories. If you fabricate paper so it is dense enough it has the same or similar properties of wood. There is a difference between toilet paper and cardboard. I think ‘paper’ is a hook that Shigeru has made us of to obtain publicity – nothing wrong with that though.

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