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The last major project by Dominique de Menil in her lifetime.    The design is by her son, Francois de Menil, who graduated from Cooper Union in 1987.    The museum houses byzantine artwork that was stolen from Cyprus.  The de Menil foundation purchased the artwork from the thieves, (with permission from the Cyprian authorities) and have displayed it in their family museum.   The design concept is a scale reproduction of the original chapel, but in sandblasted glass.  This framework is housed in an outer shell of steel.


original chapel

original chapel


“My intention with the building was to resolve the extreme condition of smallness of the site, its void, its lateral compression.”
Raimund Abraham

A Cooper Union design that actually got built.  Not surprising since Abraham teaches at Cooper Union.  This is austrian “death metal” architecture – stainless steel lobby, when I visited NYC there was an exhibit of austrian SM art on display …..   Abraham is THE architect who is PRIMARILY concerned with tectonics.   He was on the jury for my Cooper Union 5th year thesis review.   Also he is now building in China.  


A Cooper Union Graduate ….   probably the most famous one, second only to Daniel Libeskind.