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“Just do good work. Whatever commission you have, make it the best you’ve ever done. Nothing sells like good work.”
—Frank D. Welch, FAIA, Frank Welch and Associates, Dallas




Advice to graduating architects from Andres Duany, a founder of Arquitectonica and one of the key persons in the New Urbanism movement:

“There’s a large number of places in the United States small towns—that are radically underserved by designers. If I were graduating from school now, I would get in a car with an itinerant team of people who know a complementary set of skills and go to a county in Alabama or Nebraska. I would go to the planning department and ask who the progressive mayors are and say, What can we offer in design services? Sketch a fire station, or a housing development, and then go and get grants. Like small-town doctors, they could become small-town architects, circuit-riding designers. It would be like traveling bards in the Middle Ages. There are interiors of restaurants in New York City that receive more design services than entire counties in the suburbs.”
—Andrés Duany, FAIA, Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co., Miami


Two articles in February 2009 Architect magazine discussing 1) what its like being laid off and 2) that firms are reducing their fees to survive.  The cover of the magazine shows a 2003 Cal Poly graduate who was recently laid off.

An email I received from the AIA today with the news that the Architectural Billing Index is at its lowest
level since the inception of the index 13 years ago. Half of all firms surveyed have instituted a hiring freeze.